Problems adding multiple names in a single box on airtable

Hello guys !

I am trying to add several “company names” in one box on airtable

When I have only one, everything works fine

But when I try to enter several in the “movers” column, an error appears:

ERROR: Your request is invalid or could not be processed by the service
You must provide an array of up to 10 record objects, each with an “id” ID field and a “fields” object for cell values.

Is there a solution to write multiple names in a single box on airtable?

Thanks !

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Hey Clement,
the two items in your screenshot will both be treated as one airtable row to update. So your second item will fail because it has no id.

If your Demenageurs is a simple Text line input you have to concatenate your Test and Test3 like so

How can I concatenate my Test and Test3 like so if my previous nodes is a SET nodes ?

But Yes i’ve only one id and I want to put X number of names ( simple Text ) that I retrieve with the set node

That depends on where your Test and Test3 values are coming from.

If you have a list of items containing your value you could use the Item Lists node to aggregate your values.

After that you could join them using a Set node expression


Here is my example workflow to illustrate

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Your Workflow help me a lot !

The implementation goes well in airtable with my workflow, the answer is perfect I pass it in solution

Thanks a lot !

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@marcus your solution doesn’t seem to work for me.

I have a single “row” and it can’t pick up the relevant Status information.

Any ideas why it’s throwing the error in this case?

I even reformatted the output with a code node to make it look more like a list of JSONs. See the screenshot below.

Separating the id key from the fields dict also doesn’t help. This error message is super unhelpful