Problems to automate the incrementation of an airtable column

Hello guys !

My problem in my automation is that I need to increment a column on several lines in airtable when the recipients receive an email (always 5+ recipients)

After the mail, I list with airtable node the people who received the mail to get the IDs of the lines, I SET the column I want to change by increase +1, but at the time to update with the airtable node I can’t do it, nothing happens.

is there an easy way to do it that I don’t know about?

A fake workflow below representing the order of mine


Hey Clement,
are you able to share your workflow in order to help you better.

Until then i’ve build a sample workflow to illustrate updating airtable columns.

The airtable base is pretty simple, the workflow just increases the counter +1 everytime it’s executed.


What makes it work is the Set node mapping the input items to the right columns in airtable.

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