Problems with SplitInBatches and HTTP requests

I want to use the node for SplitInBatches to post Http requests like this.

I set the expression from input.

when I set Batch size equals 1 . it’s work。
but,when i set batch size lagger than 1 .it does not work .there is only first one of every batch is right.
How would I get this working?

My input is array like this.



Sounds like the same problem as described here:

Thanks for reply.
i change my node expression to this

the “Set” node :

when the workflow like this. it does work.

but i connect the node like this .it does not work.

In this case, is the problem that they are in different “runs”. The Set-Node did execute only once. The other nodes multiple times. So you have to then additionally also define the run index 0 like this to say specifically that you want the data of the first item of the first run:

{{ $item(0, 0).$node["Set"].json["token"] }}

You can find the documentation here:

According to your method, the problem has been solved. Thank you!

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