Prod Intercom API bug

The API key is working when I make some tests on the doc of Intercom, Nevertheless isn’t the case of the node

Any explanation ?

FYI : I have a Key Dev environnement of Intercom is working so well, the issue is only with the ProdEnv

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version:
  • **Running n8n via cloud

Btw, it works with the HTTP node

Hey @TheG,

It looks like the node uses /users and Intercom updated the API in 2.0 to change it to /contacts, I have created NODE-514 as an internal ticket to get this updated in a future release.


@Jon Thanks for the update
Should I wait for the fix or I proceed with the HTTP, there is a pagination when I get user it will be much easier to use the pre-made node

Hey @TheG,

It might be quicker to use the HTTP Request node for now.

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