Proposal to redesign the N8N user interface

Hello ! As an automation enthusiast and open source fan, I am absolutely delighted with your tool. And guess what? I want to contribute to its evolution, especially by working on the user interface. Of course, the current interface is already very good, intuitive and elegant. But I am convinced that it is possible to go even further to captivate and seduce a wider audience.

In talking with other users, especially those using tools like Make or looking to get started, I notice that the interface can make a difference. It’s often the micro-interactions, those little details that add a little spice, that make users choose one tool over another. Yet, with its open source system and many nodes, N8N should be at the top of the list (it already is).

Today, I’m here to propose an idea for an interface redesign, in order to highlight the full potential of this amazing tool.

Here is the figma link where I work, if you want to contribute do not hesitate to let me know, you could work on the same figma.

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To be frank, I like to current design much better. Perhaps I got too used to it. The only thing I am missing is ability to organize Workflows into “Folders”. Other than that, I would not change a thing.


Yes, the files are a good idea, but if you want to put ideas on the Figma, don’t hesitate. The aim is for everyone to be able to propose ideas and put them into images. :smile: