Publish a Google app to avoid having to log in every week


I’m fed up with having to reconnect my Google account every week.
To find out when a workflow crashes because, among other things, the Google account has to be reconnected, I’ve set up a notification system via Ntfy that sends me one each time a workflow encounters a problem.
As I have several workflows containing Google nodes, I end up with a ton of notifications all at once…

Anyway, I’ve tried to publish the Google application to put an end to this but they’re asking for a lot of things (including a Youtube video explaining what we do with user data etc). Except that on the one hand I don’t want to go through all that for nothing and on the other hand I’m sure it wouldn’t pass validation…
So the other solution would be to switch the application to internal mode but that requires a paid Google Workspace account… I wonder if paying for a month and then switching the application to internal mode and not paying again might work?

Has anyone managed to get round this? Is there a viable solution?

Hi @CodeRider883 :wave: While I wouldn’t have a major workaround, there’s another option other than an internal application, which would be using service account credentials, though not all nodes are compatible: Google credentials | n8n Docs

Otherwise I wouldn’t have a great answer for you here I’m afraid, as this is a limitation on Google’s side :see_no_evil:

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Hi !
I tried with the Google credentials but I don’t succeed to get it working with GMail.
BUT, I made some modifications to my Google API app like delete the logo and all the APIs that I don’t use and… they let me publish without verification from them !
I will see if it ask me to log every n days but it should not :smile:


Hi, just an update to say that it works, no disconnection since published :heart_eyes:
For my case, I think that it was due to the logo. If you upload a logo they want to verify it. So a tip for the others in this case, if you uploaded a logo, delete it and test if you can publish without verification.

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