Python - custom configs / pip

Long story short now that we have beta access to python (1.1.1@cloud) I’m testing some more complex configurations.

To use internal API I need to modify Pip config to use our internal pypi instance to be able to import it.
I’m assuming there is no way to do something like this, correct me if I’m wrong please.

Maybe we can have custom env like we have variable in future?

would it be possible to achieve this on self hosted instance?

Hi @Mateusz_Bijakowski,

I can’t speak for the team but my understanding is that it is not doable due to security concerns.

And yes, you can achieve this in a self hosted instance. You will need to build the package first before deploying the docker image, and ensure to add the pypi instance there, before spinning up the docker container.

More information can be found here on how to deploy a custom python environment. I believe you will need to change it to include your pypi instance in the dockerfile instead since now python is already packaged in the normal n8n build.

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Ah yes, sorry, let me clarify.

I would like this to be custom on per workflow bases.
Based on the doc it seems like I would need to spin a custom n8n instance per config I need?

Yes, you would need to spin up a custom self hosted instance.

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