Python Support and Release Versions

Good News Everyone…

Python support is now available as a beta feature but is hidden by default, To enable this you will need to either paste the node below into your workflow or copy a code node into a text editor and change typeVersion from 1 to 2 then paste it back in.

Some of you may have also noticed that the latest tag is no longer the only tag we have, We now have 2 tags in use for npm and docker, latest and next. Latest is the version that we currently consider to be the most stable and next is more of a beta release for those that want the newest features.

These versions should be updated every week depending on if there are any serious issues that have been reported and need to be fixed, By doing this we hope to deliver a more stable platform for all of our users.

If you have any questions on these let us know below :+1:


@Jon Thank you. Does it allow to import external libraries?

Hey @artildo,

Once you paste the node in and select the Python option there is an option for Python Modules this will then grab what it needs.

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Important to mention that those Python modules have to get installed first with pip3.


@Jon thank you

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Hey there,

I wanted to try python in n8n cloud. I copied the node, which worked fine, but when I change anything and leave the node settings it always fall back to the original code. It is impossible to change anything. See the attached video.

I tried both 0.231.0 (Latest Beta) and 0.230.2 cloud versions.

Screen Recording 2023-06-05 at 15.21.40

Thanks a lot for reporting that. It got already mentioned here before, and we have planned to release a fix soon.

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Hi there

I just tried n8n python :slight_smile:

Just a quick bug report : syntax recognition doesn’t seem to like script begining with “return”

Maybe github is a best place for this kind of bug report ?

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