Qonto node

Hello community

I work on a Qonto node
Qonto is an online bank for professional
website : https://qonto.com/
API doc : https://api-doc.qonto.com/
sandbox : https://sandbox.staging.qonto.co/

I’m not a developer by training, I don’t ask help now but if you want see the project asap, you will be welcome for a help.
I did almost all the interface, I work on functionalities


This is very cool, thanks so much for sharing! Let us know if you need help from the community :slight_smile:

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yes this is very good news indeed! any progress update to share?

I was very busy last weeks, I don’t make a lot of progress.
I have connect to sandbox successfully (but not PROD yet because of my localhost without httpS).
I’m in contact with the Lead Product Manager of Qonto (Qonto Slack)
Now I try to figure out how to handle access token.

I don’t know how delay I need to finish it.

Do you need this node ?