Qonto node

Hello community

I work on a Qonto node
Qonto is an online bank for professional
website : https://qonto.com/
API doc : https://api-doc.qonto.com/
sandbox : https://sandbox.staging.qonto.co/

I’m not a developer by training, I don’t ask help now but if you want see the project asap, you will be welcome for a help.
I did almost all the interface, I work on functionalities


This is very cool, thanks so much for sharing! Let us know if you need help from the community :slight_smile:

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yes this is very good news indeed! any progress update to share?

I was very busy last weeks, I don’t make a lot of progress.
I have connect to sandbox successfully (but not PROD yet because of my localhost without httpS).
I’m in contact with the Lead Product Manager of Qonto (Qonto Slack)
Now I try to figure out how to handle access token.

I don’t know how delay I need to finish it.

Do you need this node ?

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to answer your question, yes ! I would love to use that node

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Summary :

Credentials :

Production {login}:{secret-key} :ok:
Sandbox {login}:{secret-key} :ok:
Production Oauth2 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Sandbox Oauth2 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
PSD2 compliant :interrobang:


All descriptions files :ok:
GET :ok:
POST :negative_squared_cross_mark:
DELETE :negative_squared_cross_mark:


Not started


I don’t know yet if I will do the trigger and if it’s possible for this node.

Sorry for the delay.

I’m tired to work on it. I’m not able to develop more functions.
Please read the README for the status of this node.
Don’t use it on production, and be sure of what you do on you bank account (use sandbox first !)


I learn a lot when I do thing for the first time like this node ^^
I don’t share how to use it before

If you want to use this node asap and if you use dockerfile, add this line :
RUN npm i n8n-nodes-qonto

It works for me :slight_smile:



You’re the best ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you
I just update on 0.1.1

Now :
Oauth2 work on PROD
fix bug for transaction

still not 100% operational but I hope soon it will be :slight_smile:

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