Query About Twitter Bot

Hi, I’m very new to n8n.io .
I’m looking for a way to create a Twitter Bot.
I just want to know Can I create a n8n.io workflow which serves the following criteria:

  1. Automatic reply to tweets( When users mention the bot in the tweet with a certain keywords)

  2. Download Media files from that tweet.( Download images from the mentioned tweet).

  3. Upload the images in Aws s3 bucket.


Welcome Abhinav!

Since I’m not a Twitter user, probably somebody else will have more specific advice for your use case, but meanwhile here are the docs for those two nodes:

This might come in handy:

Also, if an operation you need hasn’t been added yet, you can open a feature request.

Is it possible to automate posts from twitter on the website? Is it possible to use api for this purpose or to make a bot? Doesn’t twitter block it?

Not sure if I understand what you mean. If you can create a form on a website to send a tweet? Yes, that would be possible. In this case you would then use an n8n workflow as backend/API.