Question about creating a product with the odoo node

Hello there,
i have a problem with vat in odoo.
when i create a product with the vat (7%) i get the following error:
ERROR: UNKNOWN ERROR - check the detailed error for more information

Wrong value for product.template.taxes_id: 15

Thanks in advance

Hey @mikimil,

Welcome to the community :rocket:

It looks like Odoo is saying 15 is not a valid ID, Are you sure that is the correct value?

I will give the node a quick test in a bit to see if I can reproduce the issue as well.

Hey Jon,

15 should be a valid ID as shown in the screenshot.

Hey @mikimil,

That does look like the ID is 15, I wonder why Odoo is saying it isn’t valid. It looks like Tax is a custom thing that isn’t on my setup. If you manually add that tax ID to a product then fetch that product what does the output look like for the ID?

For science could you also try {{15}} as an expression for the taxes id?

With {{15}} it doesn’t work but as an array like {{[15]}} it works.