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I am interested in using N8N for my company’s database synchronization needs. Specifically, I have MSSQL databases that I would like to collect data from and populate MYSQL tables with this data.

I have a few questions regarding the licensing of N8N. Firstly, is it free to use or must I purchase a license? Additionally, based on the license documentation, can I legally use N8N for my company’s purposes?

Hi @Thiago_Emanoel - welcome to the community :tada:

n8n is fair-code licensed under the Sustainable Use License and n8n Enterprise License.

You can read more about n8n’s license and what’s allowed here.

You can choose to either pay for a Cloud-based plan, or you’re able to self-host for free.

If you’ve read those and you’re still unsure whether the use case you have in mind constitutes an internal business purpose or not, take a look at the examples, and if you’re still unclear, email us at [email protected]. From what you’ve described though, I think you’re grand :slight_smile:


Thanks , amazing support feedback .

All of the following examples are allowed under our license:

  • Using n8n to sync the data you control as a company, for example from a CRM to an internal database .

so i am okay , i just wanna use for sync my databases.


Hi @Thiago_Emanoel - I figured you would be fine :smiley: Don’t hesitate to reach out on the community forums if you need any more assistance!

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