Question about splitting and bundles/array

I want to understand how n8n handles array, so I have

  • One csv parser, lets assume it creates 3 items
  • HTTP API: It takes 3 items and creates 6 items each

My question is it’s not knowable which HTTP item is correlated with which CSV row/item. would process one item from the CSV then run HTTP on the first CSV item, and once HTTP and the rest of the automation are finished then will run the 2nd CSV item.

N8n is taking all the CSV items and running HTTP all at once somehow.

This screenshot should explain

Top flow: Showing how I want
Bottom flow: How n8n is doing

Using the $("<node-name>").item will reference the specific CSV item that one of your HTTP requests came from whether it’s the 1st 3rd or 12th.

See Built in methods and variables reference | n8n Docs and for the theory behind item linking Item linking concepts | n8n Docs


Your other option is doing a split in batches with batch size 1 after the csv to get behaviour a little more similar to make :+1:


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