Question Regarding batch Processing

Let’s Suppose We have 100000 Data in Google Sheet. And We set Webhook to read all the data.
Now it read all data ie 100000 and its on webhook, then we put the next node to send Email ( Via Gmail ) it will start sending email 100000 at once, Can we put Delay ie delay by 5 seconds per email it sends.

If we split the item ( does it delay) or if we put Split the items and then insert the Batch Node with 100 limit will it process in batch of 100 emails or Shall we put Batch Node +. wait node then put Gmail node will it work or

What you expert suggest how it should go Because if we send 100000 emails To Gmail ( or any API for email sending ) they will give throttle error due to too many request sent at at time So to delay the request either we need to send by giving pause or delay or split in batches

Hi @chandan988, personally I’d put SplitInBatches first, then the node I want to slow down, then the Wait node. As described here:

This means the first batch would go out without the wait.