Questions : How can i Parse ( put ) data from 1 workflow to another workflow to "Execute Workflow node"?

Im have a question about using “Excute Workflow” node. I want to Put Data (example: IP) with Excute Workflow node to child workflow and Child workflow will receive data from Parent node to analyze that Data? Anyone have solutions?

Hey @An_Anbu, I hope you’re well?

The Execute Workflow node would pass on any incoming items to the child workflow’s Start node.

So if you have a parent workflow like this:

Parent Example

The child workflow would start with an item like this:

In the child workflow you could then read the foo field using an expression like {{$json["foo"]}}. You could also consider using this snippet in your child workflow to check whether the expected field has been passed on by the parent (and if not, use a fallback value).

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Oh!!! Thank you so much for helping me and solved my problems. :heart_eyes: @MutedJam

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Oops. @MutedJam , i still cant execute the Workflow T_T . Can you help me please. I Make SET Node + Execute Workflow node and it report Error

I am sorry to hear that :frowning: Can you share your child workflow so I can take a closer look?

Seems my english is quite bad. Your way to solve my problem is use “SET” node to add value (ex: IP ) then call “Execute Workflow” node and the Child Workflow has been called with “Start” Node. In Child workflow, it will receive value from “SET” node from parent Workflow and run to the end, right sir?
My child workflow :

My parent Workflow :

Thank you so much @MutedJam :slight_smile:

i mean i want to put data in “Execute Workflow” from parent Workflow and want Child Workflow receive it and auto analyze it.
Example Usecase:
From parent WL , i have an IP to analyze it and i call to Child Workflow automically

I made another test with your method you teach me.
Parent Workflow :

Child Workflow:

but in Child Workflow: TheHive get error message :

Hi @An_Anbu, it seems in your child workflow you are using plain text instead of expressions. Could you try converting your text into expressions like so?

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But sir, i dont see any Expression. Only START node but START has no Output or Parameter. Can you make a simple workflow to demo for me to understand please

Hey @An_Anbu, my screenshot showing where to add the expression is from the Set node in your latest child workflow.

Here is an example set of workflows. Child:


This example child workflow would simply return whatever it gets from the parent in the message field:

If the message field is empty, it would instead use “foo” as the default message using the snippet from my initial response:

Hope this helps!

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I see that in Childworkflow still cant get data. Hmmm im so confusing right now :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’ve sent you a quick DM on this :slight_smile:

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@MutedJam i got it , i know your method and many people from discord server helped me. And now my problems solved. sorry for wasting your time, You saved my life :heart_eyes:

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No such thing as wasting time when learning :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you managed to sort it out!