Questions regarding connecting to OneDrive[Uploading: OneDrive.JPG...]()[Uploading: OneDrive2.JPG...]()

Hi,I have a question regarding connecting to OneDrive,whenever i tried to connect to my account to OneDrive i keep encountering this error.I have double checked my client id and client secret and still can’t seem to find a solution.

Hi @Tharshini_Mohanadas, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. I just tried this out using n8n Desktop which is what you seem to be using and ended up with this message instead:


I noticed your Authorization URL is an expression. Could you try resetting it to the original value like so (just to make sure no unexpected leading or trailing spaces have sneaked in)?


If you’re still having trouble afterwards, could you check whether the URL of your error page contains any additional hints as to what might have gone wrong? There is a slim chance one of the URL parameters might help us find out what’s wrong here.

Hi,I have reseted the value but it still doesn’t seem to work,
This seems to be the error page url:

Hi,I managed to reconnect after many trial and errors.Thank you!

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Well, I didn’t really do anything here :smiley:

Glad to hear it’s working though, many thanks for confirming!