Queue mode error using AWS ECS

Hi there!

I’m trying to run the last version of n8n in queue mode using AWS ECS.
But when I try with the command “n8n worker”

I got this error “Error: command n8n worker not found”

I have the Working directory /home/node and the command “n8n worker”

Thanks in advance!

Hey @guiarjones,

Chances are the comand needs updating as you don’t need to specific n8n first anymore.

Hi @Jon ! Thanks for your quick reply, but I don’t understand your message.

I have tested it locally using this command and works perfectly.

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Hey @guiarjones,

Can you share your deployment config?

Hi @Jon Here is my Task definition Config:


Hey @guiarjones,

So that looks like the comand is not correct as we changed things in 1.0. In our deployment guides we now only use worker as the command as we automaticlaly apply the n8n part.

Have you tried just using worker to see if that kicks it off?

This does change if you are using k8s in which case in your config you may need something like…

        - command:
            - /bin/sh
            - -c
            - sleep 5; n8n worker

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