Queue mode

Good morning, how are you?
I’ve searched a lot here in the community and haven’t found many questions about queue mode
Configuring queue mode - n8n Documentation

I’ve been using n8n for a while and now I need to scale my requests, would there be any class teaching how to install n8n in this mode?

I would really appreciate it or if someone could help me, I’ve already talked to some people and no one could understand the installation process very well and several people in my line of work are having the same difficulty.

Hi @Victor_Hugo

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What exactly are you stuck on with the queue mode?
I’ve recently started implementing queue mode for servers, and have found the documentation quite good.

Also are you running in docker? And have you already setup a n8n server running in “normal” mode?

Hi, @BramKn
Yes, I’ve installed n8n in “normal” mode several times.
Regarding the queue mode, I really didn’t understand the documentation and I didn’t find content explaining the installation. Could you share this documentation that you found?

Hi @Victor_Hugo

You already linked the documentation. :slight_smile:

You need to setup a Redis database if running on a private network (or only local) it can be with default settings, as you do not need to worry about authentication and such then.

Then you need to setup your main n8n instance (/container if running docker)
Here you will need to set some options. like described in the docs.

Then you will need to duplicate that instance of n8n with the same env settings but then with the command that starts it as a worker.

The worker can be pretty much disconnected from all incoming traffic. As it will simply work on everything that is queued in the Redis database.

“Webhook workers” is something extra but you will probably not need that for now.

Hope this sends you in the right direction.