Rate limit for webhook entry node

Hi n8n community!

Please forgive me if the question has already been answered, the info I could find is a bit old.

I was wondering whether there is a rate limit on the webhook node used as a flow’s entry point. I might have a bit of volume sometimes coming all at once (<3000), should I split it in batches before?


Hi @Romain1, welcome to the community!

The webhook node is a trigger node, meaning it’d be the first node in a workflow. So a Split in Batches node would therefore have no effect on the webhook volume unfortunately (as it could only run after the webhook).

n8n does not have a built in throttling logic for incoming webhooks I am afraid, but you could consider an external tool (such as Convoy for example) if you are noticing your n8n instance struggling with the amount of webhooks it receives.

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Hi @MutedJam and thanks for taking the time to answer me,

In this instance, not having a throttling logic is perfectly fine for me, might be different in other cases, thanks for the tip!

Have a nice day!

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