Raw contents in body tag

When I’m receiving data from Formblocks I get the list of form responses in the Body. The trouble is n8n doesn’t recognise it as tagged data so I can’t put the variables I want into a http request for posting to basecamp. The screenshot show the syntax of the body, I’d expect the webhookId etc would be child items of the body tag like “host”: is a child item of “headers”:.

The question is, how to I extract the data within the body tag into tagged json format that is selectable. At the moment I put the {{$json.body}}.

I haven’t included details of my setup because I don’t think it’s relevant, there is probably a standard syntax for extracting data from within a body tag?

I answered my own question!

I added a “Edit Fields” Action and parsed the body as json which is now working. I guess that field was a string? Not sure.


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