Read attachment from gmail and find cell value

I am trying to find emails with specific subject, ready the attached xls file, find value in the file and do something…

I am stuck to read and find the value in the file. I am not sure what is the input to read binary file node from gmail node

Hi @Droren, from your screenshot it looks like you have a ZIP file.

You’d first need to extract it which is something the Compression node can help with. Check this example workflow fetching a ZIP file with an XLS file, extracting and reading it:

Hi @MutedJam - thanks for your suggestion. I still need help to pass the zip file binary to Compression node. What I select in the expression?

No expression in this case. You have to type in attachment_0

super @jan !

Now my next question(s):

Do I need to use ReadBinaryFile node to read the output of Compression Node? if so, do I use expression? there are multiple files in the unzip.

general question - how I determine when to use expression vs just type ?


The ReadBinaryFile node would read data from the hard drive into n8n, but you already have your binary object coming in from Gmail in n8n. So no need for the ReadBinaryFile node.

As for expressions you might want to check out the documentation. You typically want to use expressions when reading a specific value from an incoming node that changes whenever you execute a workflow (like for example the sender of your email message).

As for the Compression node, this would simply require the name of your binary property:


The Gmail node will always use attachment_0 for the first attachment though:


So no need for an expression here.