Read Binary Files (filename has brackets)

Hi All,

I have noticed something with my workflow when the filename has spaces and brackets - using json.path as below leaves the Read Binary Files output empty:

Screenshot 2023-03-17 095429

And this only occurs with filenames with brackets (or maybe spaces too)

I’ve tried using quotations either side of the {{ $json.path }} but this isn’t working either.

I’m sure there’s a way to cure this, if anybody could let me know any insight!

Kind regards

Hey @UnluckyForSome,

So it looks like the () need to be escaped in the file. As a quick solution for your current issue you can use {{ $json.path.replace('(', '\\(').replace(')', '\\)') }} which will result in /data/YouTube/Upload/2023 03 16 \(6\)u.mp4 in the preview.

I will get an internal ticket created for this shortly as it seems like something we should handle.