Read file downloaded from Http Request with spreadsheet

Hi community.

I made a request for an excel xlsx file, the request returned the file as shown in the image.
As this file is an xlsx I connected the “Spreadsheet” node to read the file, but I don’t get any output (check the picture please). I tried several configurations, without success.

I tried other nodes like “Move Binary Data” and “Read Binary File”, but I don’t think that’s the case.

Thanks for any help.

Hey @BotConnect,

Did you manage to get to the bottom of this one? Would you be able to share the file if you didn’t solve it?

Hi @Jon.
I did not understand your question.

He was asking if you could solve the problem in the meantime. If not he was wondering if you could share the Excel xlsx file with him which his causing the problems so that he can try it himself and see what the exact problem is.

Oh okay. Thank you, I have basic English. Google translator saves me sometimes, but not always.

I gave up trying and followed another path, much more complex, using my OneDrive account to upload the file, then reading it with an Excel node.

I don’t know how I could share my workflow without compromising some data, so I’ll explain the way I’d like to do it:
(Note1: I have an Adalo App and use its database)

App user uploads a xlsx file to the database.

Adalo provides a “url” to download the file

I use Http request node with this “url” to pull this file.

This is the stage of the image I sent. The file downloads, but does not open in the “Spreadsheet node”.

Note2: The file contains a table and not just text like headers

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Hi @BotConnect, any chance you can replace any confidential data in your XLSX file and share it with us so we can reproduce the problem?

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