Read from Airtable and send to an email


as of few of you may know I’m a new on n8n but I like it ALOT. I run some tests and I’ve created a simple workflow:
The job is to read a list from AirTable and send it through e-mail. The problem is I don’t really know how to put it in e-mail body. E-mail itself is sent but with defined body, not with AirTable List of fields. E-mail node config looks like this:

Problem is that in e-mail body is not values from airtable but string “this is a test”. How to put Airtable values into e-mail body?

Thank you!

Yes, that is sadly not that simple. How should the finished email text look like when it arrives in your email inbox (including the data from AirTable).

@jan Thank you for answer! Yes, I though it would be not that simple. Actually I was just wondering what the effect of this will be, but let’s assume that I’ve got in AirTable 3 rows and 4 collumns. How to set e-mail node to pick up value from row number 3 and from collumn number 2? Or whole row number 3?

Thank you!

Hey @velkan!

You can use the ‘Read’ Operation and pass on the Record ID for the Record you want to fetch. You can refer to this question to know how to get the record ID.