Read only new rows from .XLS files

Hey Community! First time posting here :slight_smile:

I have a module that reads three .XLS files, and I want to see the information on a Coda table:

Everything works fine, the file is formatted as a spreadsheet, I select the columns that I need and change their name to match Coda column’s name.

What I don’t know how to do is to only read NEW rows. Every column has an ID, the same for “Albaranes” and “Nº Clientes” and a different one for “Clientes”.

The first two .XLS files get updated all the time, the third one rarely gets updated but I also need to see if there are new rows there.

Is there any way of checking if the ID from a row is > than the last one that was added, and only add the new one?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if it’s very easy but I’m new :slight_smile:

That is sadly currently not easy at all. You would have to check yourself which ones changed and which ones not. Here a post about a very similar issue:

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Thanks for answering quickly @jan

Even if it’s not easy to do, is there a way to store an ID of 100 (the ID of the last item processed) and filter out all the items that have an ID <= to 100? that way only the 101 will go through the filter.

Then the value that was using for the filter would have to change to 101, which was the last item, so it would only allow one new item/every time you execute the workflow

The topic I linked above gives actually an example of exactly that. The only difference being that instead of using the id it is using a date.

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Sorry I’m new to this, I’ll try to get it running.

Thanks for the help and quick answers :heart: