Reading data from Google sheet and giving the inputs to tele chatbot

I wanted to know if there is any way to read the info in google Sheets and extract specific data to be sent to a Telegram chatbot. Is this possible using n8n?
This is the output after reading my google sheets, I want these 3 items to be passed to the chatbot when prompted.
my working telegram chatbot.

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Hey @ruby09, I am not sure I fully understand your problem unfortunately. Isn’t this what you asked in Sending a table data as a message in Telegram - #9 by MutedJam? Creating a single message containing specified data from multiple items?

Hi @MutedJam ,
Sorry I did not explain my issue properly.
This is different, I just want to read the google sheet containing all the inputs that I usually ask the user to input and use the data in the google sheets and input (integrate) it with my telegram chatbot.
That way I don’t have to wait for any user inputs and just have the workflow read the google sheet containing all the relevant information.