Receiving items in function node from other nodes by name

Hello! I have a workflow coming together nicely but I ran into something I can’t quite figure out.

Currently, I have a webhook trigger that passes the data to an HTTP request which looks up the info in another API, then there are two if statements that I see in the execution it passes correctly, but then we get a function node and I can’t get this to work out quite how I wanted it to. I want to use the data from webhook trigger called “Get Person” back in the beginning of the flow, so I used:

const allItems = $items("Get Person");

I do some manipulation and return items and when I execute the node it executes properly, but it doesn’t seem to return anything. On top of that, I have a console log right after I create allItems to log it, but that doesn’t print to my console for some reason, so I’m not sure that’s even running.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Hey @Andrew1, welcome to the community!

Is your Function node running at all when your workflow is executed? Or is any node between your “Get Person” node and the Function node not returning any items?