Regarding the license of workflow examples

Hi everyone!

I am interested in conducting academic research based on the usage patterns on n8n workflows available on the following website:

Therefore, I would like to ask you for the license for the workflow data available on the site.
Can these workflows be used with the sustainable code license for academic, non-commercial usage?

Thanks very much in advance!

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Welcome to the community @ikuyamada!

Ah yes, you can use the workflows.

@jan, Thanks so much for your prompt reply!
The workflow looks highly valuable for my research.
Is it possible to create a research dataset based on the publicly-available workflows for the sake of the reproducibility of my research?

Sorry, do not understand. You simply ask for all the workflows as a zip?

I am sorry for asking the unclear question.
I am interested in streamlining the workflow creation using large language models such as GPT-3. Now, I plan to select some public workflows and do some experiments using them. In order to enable other researchers to reproduce the experiments, I would like to publicize the workflows (maybe in JSON?) with the code used in my experiments.
I think I can manually collect the data from the website, but it would be highly appreciated and helpful if you can provide some public workflow data.

Thanks again for your help!

Hey @ikuyamada,

The workflow json is already available to the public from the same link you have found. You can copy the workflow and paste it into a text editor to see the json behind it.

Hi @Jon, Thanks so much!

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