Regex For Validate Correct Email Format

Hi guys

How can i set regex to validate the correct email format? i tried using those regex but all not working:

^\[email protected][a-zA-Z_]+?.[a-zA-Z]{2,3}$

^[\w-.][email protected]([\w-]+.)+[\w-]{2,4}$

[\w-][email protected]([\w-]+.)+[\w-]+


Try this

not working :frowning:

Could you share sample emails? Faking recipients to avoid GDPR issues.

You have several samples at

just simple email like [email protected]

im not sure if this is right setup for regex.

Really strange. That’s a simple email and has to be valid.
Could you share JSON output of the previous node?


After HTTP call, N items will be checked in IF node using regex (HTTP returns an array with one element).

IF node has to check regex against property “body” of the first item of the array.

Hope this helps

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haha i just check again and i made wrong setup. i should use last node value . and now its working. thanks mate!

Nice to know it works.

You are welcome!