Rejected status from HTTP Request Node

Hi there,
I would like to ask what wrong could be with HTTP Request node if this node is working on one (OLD ONE version 0.95.1) instance of N8N and returning the correct response in really short period of time from the web and on another one (NEW one version 0.204.0) I receive the following:

http code: rejected

"message":"connect ETIMEDOUT",
"stack":"Error: connect ETIMEDOUT at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (node:net:1278:16)",

e.g. url to test: TOP Reality - 1 izbový byt predám

and I think that all links are fetched slower on the new one.

Only one thing came to my mind and that is, that this new instance is running in dĂĽsseldorf VPS from Contabo and the previous one is not. Could be?

update: I think that is the case because I can not ping that website, either outside the container so this issue doesn’t have anything relevant with n8n. My IP is a problem, but very interesting - I just made this VPS up a few hours ago and I didn’t scan that website either. For some reason, they block IP of this VPS, probably.

Thank you.

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Hey @stehos,

Nice to see you worked it out, So generally rejected would mean the server is blocking the request it could be down to the IP, user agent or a firewall rule between your VPS and the site you are connecting to.

hi @Jon thank you for your reply, just want to ask, is there an option to change the user agent for N8N?

i would like to figure out what’s exactly happening here.


Hey @stehos,

You can try setting a user agent in a header string, It is very rare for user agent blocking to be used as it can be easily bypassed but I do know that IONOS block user agents.

I would maybe look at using CURL to test from the command line and see if that works.

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