Remove characters added by Move Binary Data

Hello everyone,
Sorry if the question seem a bit dumb but I’m new on n8n.
So I’ll ask if there’s a way to remove added specials characters after a Move Binary Data node.
A mean the “{“data”:”"}, “” and “\n”.

  • Running n8n via npm

Hi @gabrielg, welcome to the community!

Seeing you don’t want the JSON structure around your XML data, could you try switching off Convert all Data and add the Use Raw Data option? This should allow to specify which key you are reading your XML data from and get rid off everything you don’t want. Here’s an example:


Let me know if that’s what you were after or if I have missed something :slight_smile:


It was so simple and I didn’t find it…

Whatever, thank you ! That’ exactly what I needed.

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Excellent, glad to hear this works and thanks so much for confirming!