Remove Entries From Past 24 Hours

Hi guys,

I have a client who’s sending SMS messages to his Customers after they fill out a Form (entries are collected on Google Sheets)

The data contains;

  1. Name : Hi John
  2. Phone_Number : +123456789
  3. Timestamp : 	2023-12-21 15:08
  4. Message : Hi [[Name]], thanks for filling out our Form. We’ll get back to you shortly

All’s working great to that end only thing is I need Customers to receive one message every 24Hours instead of everytime they fill out the Form to avoid spamming their inbox i.e

Google Sheets Trigger > Set > CleanUp phone Number If it’s appeared in the past 24 Hours > Send Message

I have a setup I got from @pemontto from a prevous post but that topic got closed off before I could get a working solution

Here’s the sample setup I got. It unfortunately works when the execution is run manually but doesn’t work on an Active one

(I again apologize for reposting but it seems that other Topic is ghosted & it’s a matter of urgency that I get this solved)

Appreciate any help!

Hi Kevin, it seems the topic is still open, so you might simply want to wait a bit. Most users in this community help in their free time, so there’s no SLA or speedy response option. For professional assistance with building your workflows you can consider reaching out an n8n expert via n8n experts.

Personally I’d try using the IF node to check if an entry is older or newer than 24 hours based on your description, though I might have missed something here.

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I managed to solve this using the ‘IF’ Node

Thank you.

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