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I try to remove item matching to a list, but i missing somthing maybe…
I mainly work with python and I try to adapt in javascript, sorry for the misunderstood.

sample of data :

    "_id": {
        "$oid": "625e651a5d42e768e006980c"
    "date_created": {
        "$date": "2022-04-19T07:30:34.155Z"
    "date_modified": {
        "$date": "2022-05-03T13:00:46.161Z"
    "description": "",
    "custom_spec": {},
    "active": false,
    "name": "dupond jean",
    "first_name": "jean",
    "last_name": "dupond",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "password": "fernet_key",
    "login": "loginname",
    "role": {
        "$oid": "625e5f450de4cbfd6ac368e9"

Script part to clean unwanted item

const remove_users = new Set(["jean.dupond", "tata.yoyo"])

for (item of items){
  if (remove_users.has(item.json.login)){

return items;

but “jean.dupond” and “tata.yoyo” wasn’t delete from items.
have you got an idea ?


const usersToRemove = ["jean.dupond", "tata.yoyo", "loginname"] // the field loginname needs to be filtered, thats why I added it to the list
return $input.all().filter(i => !usersToRemove.includes(i.json.login))
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Thank you !

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