Renaming binary file using data in the binary file

Hi - Just a simple question so no screen shots or anything.

In the level 2 documents it asks me to rename the binary file to include the order number that is in the binary data.

I have scoured the help and this forum but cannot see “how do I address the data in the binary object in the write data node”.

Please help me

Hi @BeardedWarlock :wave:

When you say the “Level 2 documents”, do you mean the part of the second course here? Workflow 2 | n8n Docs

Can you share your workflow and what you have so far? :slight_smile:

Hi - yep its the level 2 course I want to complete today.

Im not sure how to share the workflow but here is a pic…

In the Write Binary File I have this:

that shows that my binary items are being written and here in this pic it shows the filename (pathname) that I am using to store the files (I think)

When I then send them to gmail:

It is successful but the files arrive just as these unnamed things:

My question is that I think I have done the filenaming wrong in the write binary file node and I need to understand this in order to complete the level 2 course.

Thanks for that, @BeardedWarlock :slight_smile: That let me (and @Jon) see the issue.

While it looks like you’re setting the file path manually in the write binary node, the data itself in n8n doesn’t have a filename. On the Move Binary Data node, if you add the File Name option like in the screenshot below, that should solve it!

By the way, for the future - you can select all of the nodes in your workflow by clicking and dragging your cursor or hitting ctrl/cmd +A, and then copying with ctrl/cmd + C. From there, you can paste your workflow on the forums between two sets of three backticks (```). Your screenshots here were very clear, but in general that helps us a lot when troubleshooting!


Just testing this

oh and thanks @EmeraldHerald !! your advice has solved my filename problem :smiley:

I have the level 2 badge now but can you award me the level 1 as well, I think my email/ids got messed up… here are my results…


No problem :slight_smile:

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