Request for an MSSQL Update example

Hi. I’m new to n8n.

I am working on a workflow to read data from SQL, pump it into Google Calendar and push back the Calendar Event ID of the events back to the MSSQL table. Just trying to understand how the “Update” operation works at a basic level in n8n’s GUI. Particularly, I am to specify the columns that I want updated, but how/where do I specify the values that I want to push to those columns? I am guessing this is done in the Expression Builder, but what is the format/syntax?

I am a visual learner so hoping someone can post a really simple example.

Thanks in advance.

All good. I figured it out. Had to write the values from Google Calendar events to a “Set” node first, with variables that have the same name as the columns in the MSSQL table.

I was also surprised to find that I had to write the values from specifying the exact Node, not from the passed values to the “Current Node”. The “Current Node” values just returned as blank values in when executing the node after building the result in the Expression builder, even though the value was shown in the result in the expression builder.

This process was not very intuitive for a newbie to n8n. Could I suggest that a simple example (even a demo video) be added to Here or Here?

Please feel free to send me pointers on any of this if I have done anything in a dodgy way. Still learning and always will be.