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How long does it takes for N8N to get back to me if i requested a node to be created for me?

I requested N8N to add Shopware app and Dolibarr App

Hey @Stephen_Sales,

Where did you request them?

Typically node requests would be created on here as feature requests and we create them based on how popular the idea is based on the amount of community votes.

Most of the time a service can be used with the HTTP Request node following API documentation if it exists or if the node is urgently needed we do have our experts who offer services like node creation.

Hello, My name is Cynthia stephen

I have these clients who I help with designing an e-commerce store on shopware. Now she wants to use dolibarr as her CRM for marketing purposes and she wants me to help her integrate both platforms with N8N.

And I don’t know how to go about it. Please I need help

@Stephen_Sales going off of @Jon’s message I recommend you use our HTTP Request connector (or Webhook connector) to interact with Dolibarr and Shopware.

Here is Dolibar’s API docs: APIs and Hooks in Dolibarr - seems like they have an embedded api explorer in-app (need to have the app to know); I would check that to see if it outputs cURL commands; since the HTTP Request node can import these to make it even easier for you.

@Stephen_Sales fyi we are also currently in conversation with the people from Shopware who want to get an n8n node build. So is something that will probably happen but sadly have no ETA yet.

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Do you have aa video tutorial on how to go about this?

Hey @Stephen_Sales,

We don’t have a video on this but if you have access to Dolibarr and they provide curl examples you can add them to n8n by pressing the import curl button in the http request node.

Hi @Stephen_Sales, in addition to what has already been said, perhaps you want to consider hiring an n8n expert to help you with this? Working with an API for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not (yet) a technical person. In these cases, having a professional take the burden of understanding 3rd party documentation and building your first workflows off your shoulders can be very helpful.

You can have our team match you with a suitable expert by filling out the Find an n8n expert form over on the n8n experts website if this is helpful for you:


Also feel free to DM me with your needs for these nodes and a budget and I can see if we can make it work. :slight_smile:

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