ResourceMapper required field


I’m using Resource Mapper to display dynamic fields as described in my solution here.

Now I need to differentiate the required fields with a symbol (like asterisk…) beside the name.

Also, I need to prevent removing them from Inputs to Match On

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Hi @SALMAN :wave: I’m pretty sure someone like @marcus could help you out on this one :smiley:

@EmeraldHerald @marcus Any updates on this question?


if you want to have visual distinction in display names modify displayName parameter in your getInputs function to something like displayName: '${input.fullName}*',

you could not prevent user from removing fields from Inputs to Match On parameter, to make sure user did provide all required fields use this.getNodeParameter('inputs.matchingColumns', 0) and throw error if some are missing

also you can check some examples of resourceMapper from Airtable, Postgres, TheHiveProject and Google Sheets nodes


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