Restart workflow once item is processed

I have a workflow that fetches non-updated entries in a database. They are processed by another service and then marked as updated in that database.

What I want to do

What I want to achieve is that once the “Update current entry” node has finished processing, it starts the workflow again to process the next non-updated entry.


P.S: Don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

Hi @Loan_J, this is a bit tricky.

My first thought was using the Execute Workflow node to have this workflow call itself again, but such a recursion would mean you run out of memory eventually (as the first workflow will only finish once all inherited sub-workflows have been finished). So not a good idea.

Perhaps this works better when adding a Webhook trigger to start your workflow? This can be set to respond immediately. Then, at the end of your workflow, use an HTTP Request node to call the URL from your webhook node and start another execution.

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In fact, I found that using an interval node works better for my use-case. Though, I tried your suggestion and it works as well, so I’ll flag it as the solution

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