Restore backups of Workflows

Hi all, just had a question that popped my mind. Let’s say I usually backup all my workflows to a google drive folder or any storage every week once.

How can I restore the backups if I have alot of workflows? Do I add them one by one as I think or is there an easy way to do that in bulk?

Also for the credentials, how do we backup them in bulk and restore them in a new server for example?

Just a question am curious about. Thanks!

Hey @zocket,

All of your questions are answered on this page: CLI commands for n8n | Docs

There is a cli tool that can be used to export workflows and credentials, you can also use it to import them either one at a time or in bulk.

With the credentials it is worth noting that are encrypted, you can export decrypted versions or you can make a copy of the key from the config file (pop it in a password manager, put it on a usb stick and lock it away or whatever you want to do with it) and that way you only need to work with the encrypted values.

Hope this helps :+1:

Thanks for the further explanation, didn’t see this documentation. I appreciate your help!

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