Retrieve ID of automatically generated database page (Notion)

Hi! New to the community & automation, so it might be a stupid question. Or this question might be wrongly formatted and unclear.

Description of my problem

I have two databases. Database A is to register clients, database B is a database with GDPR documents that need to be signed. I have a two-way relation between database A and database B, so I can register the Name of the client with the signed GDPR document, and I can keep track with a roll-up on who did not yet sign the GDPR document.

I have created an automation that every time I create a client, a new GDPR document is created, text and all (there’s a lot more going on, but the issue is always the same). The only thing that is missing is to automatically link that GDPR document to the trigger of the automation - the client-page I have just created.

Error message

There’s not really an error message, it’s just that I cannot find the future-automatically generated id. I have tried running the nodes one by one and using the output, but that is referring to one fixed, existing ID instead of always taking the generated ID by the automation.

Please share the workflow

Information on your n8n setup

  • Running n8n via desktop app

I hope this is a bit clear. Thanks for all the help!

Hi @Sofie_V, welcome to the community :tada:

To be honest, I couldn’t even get n8n to recognize a newly created relationship field in my own database, and I wonder if the node needs an upgrade. I shall add this to our engineering backlog for a closer look.

Ignoring this problem for the moment, I am not 100% sure I understand your question. Can you confirm where exactly you are trying to reference a dynamic value but can’t? Perhaps with a screenshot?

Thanks so much!

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