Retry failed workflow from the beginning

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I have a failed workflow due to some incorrect config data in a node. I have fixed the workflow, but i can only retry from the failed node which still has the incorrect config data. Is it possible to retry the entire workflow from the beginning?

Information on your n8n setup

  • 0.205.0
  • postgres
  • main,webhook,workers

Hi @IbnJubayr,
sadly it is not easily possible to restart the execution from the beginning. If you have updated you workflow does it work when running Retry with currently saved workflow?

If your workflow is started by a webhook call, you could manually send the data to your webhook to trigger your workflow again.

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Hi Marcus,
Thanks for your response, at least it is clear now.

The issue is that in a previous function node, I had set some data that was incorrect (e.g. specified a wrong environment). Re running the execution with the new workflow still has that incorrect data as it is continuing from the point where that data was being used and not from where it was set

I’m getting the same problem. “Retry with current saved workflow” should start from the beginning node but it didn’t.

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