Return data of a specific set

Hi there, I have this scenario where It takes in total 6 seconds to run. Since, it is posting to multiple sources.

Right now, I want to shorter the time, by making the webhook return a specific set and the other operations continue to run after data is returned, as it will cut the time length to 2 seconds.

Here is a picture of the flow

I want to return the set in the red box and operations after it continue to run in the background.
Thank you

That is currently sadly not directly possible. If you want to do that you have to get more creative like for example splitting your workflow apart. One for the second half, that gets started via a new Webhook-Node (Response-Mode: On received) and the existing workflow for the first part that, calls the second one via a HTTP-Request node. After that node you have to add a Merge node, that gets the data of the node before (Mode: Pass-through => Input 2) to make sure that the correct data gets returned.

Hope that makes sense.

Hey @Mohdlatif,

Did you try out the suggestion by Jan? Let us know if you need more help :slight_smile: