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Is there possibility to re-use node? for example, I created a node and whant to use this in another workflow.
Also, can I create my own workflow templates? So, I will create a sample workfllow and then use this as a template in future workflows.

Hi @Otar_Melia :wave: Welcome to the community :cake:

You should be able to either click on the node you want to copy, and hit ctrl/cmd + c to copy it and then ctrl/cmd + v to paste it in a new workflow, no problem :slight_smile:

Creating your own workflow templates however is a bit trickier. You can find some information in this thread about it:

What may be more useful for you here is to click the three dots at the right side of a workflow, and then click duplicate:

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Thanks for answer @EmeraldHerald ,
Copy/Paste is a great feaure, but if I make changes in old node, this will not be reflected to copied ones. I am thinking to create the node and use this node in other workflows, so when I make changes in original node, no need to change all workflows.

I will see a link you provided and will check if this helps.


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Hi @Otar_Melia - ah, that actually sounds like you want something a little different to what a template is called in n8n, and I’m happy to let you know it’s also much easier :slight_smile:

You can execute a separate workflow from within another workflow - in short, you could build this node and use it in other workflows by calling it with the Execute Workflow node. If you make changes, they’ll be reflected in subsequent runs. Check out this doc for a little more information:

In short, you can have this one node be called as many times as you want in other workflows, no problem!


Oh, that sounds exactly what I wanted :rofl:, thanks.

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