RSS node doesn't return all elements

In particular I need the thumbnail from this rss feed, but the rss node doesn’t include it in the results. Screenshots included.

RSS Node:
Viewed in a Browser:

Hi @healbot,

Could you provide the address of the thumbnail?
Where does the thumbnail appear? Only in post?

Could you provide Rss feed address?

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It can be any feed on youtube but the one I was using is: WIRED

Hi @HealBot,

I have checked the feed

Searching the entry you show “Dolly Parton Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions” I have found a section media:group

Inside this group there is an element
<media:thumbnail url=“” width=“480” height=“360”/>

RSS Node doesn’t return this media:thumbnail tag currently (v.0.86.0) at table/json level.
I assume you mean that. I think this is not currently supported at RSS node. @jan or @RicardoE105, could you confirm it?

To by pass it, you can do another approach. Create a flow with next steps

Parsed XML will be converted to JSON and you will be able to access to converted JSON

Hope this helps you someway ;=)


I thought about doing that, but got busy and I have not been able to try it yet. Good to know it works. Thanks for testing that out for me.