Rules to turn a community node an base node

Which rules do we have to turn a community node into a base node?

Hi @edumaciel10, you’d have to raise a pull request in n8n’s GitHub repository:

You probably want to take a look at the packages/nodes-base/nodes directory to get an idea of how the built-in nodes are organized.

Just as a word of warning, our review process can take quite a bit. Perhaps our chief node builder @marcus can share what exactly to expect here.

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Hey @edumaciel10,

Typically we prefer nodes to be submitted as a community node rather than a PR then based on the telemetry data we get and our roadmap we will reach out to node creators if it meets our quality standards to add them to the core product.

Out of interest which community node would you like to have included as a base node?

Sure, I want to include the into nodes-base
How I can submit it to review?

Hey @edumaciel10,

Took a quick look and it looks pretty good, Give me a couple of days and I will have a chat with our product team and see what they think.

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Of course, as soon as you have a response from the product team, could you kindly pass it along to me?

Of course, our node team has a meeting every Wednesday morning and this is a node I will bring up. I know it doesn’t currently fit into what we are targeting at the moment which may have an impact on it but it would likely be me who gets in touch about it.


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