Running n8n custom docker file

Hi @marcus
I am using the n8n docker image which is on n8n github repository.
Link n8n/docker/images/n8n-custom at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub .
While building this image I am getting the error attached in screenshot.
Please suggest me if anything is need to change in this docker file.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @abhilash,
I just tried out building our custom docker image with a clean github checkout and it works.

Looking at your build logs you seem to run into network connectivity issues when the docker image trys to install fonts here. Can you try building your docker image again to see if the network issues resolved? Maybe without using any cache like so docker build --no-cache.

Also, did you make any changes to our custom docker image that could break installing fonts?

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No @marcus, I have not make any changes in dockerfile.