Running n8n locally via npm and desktop app


i had the n8n desktop app installed and moved away to install it via npm in my Mac.

Now launching n8n via cli and opening the desktop app, gives me the latest n8n in Desktop app.

Hey @Kool_Baudrillard,

Are you sure they are the same version? They may use the same database so you will have the data in both but we did recently update Desktop so it will look a lot closer to other versions now.

I would suggest not running both at once as you could break the databse :slight_smile:, If you do want to use both make sure you stop one before starting the other.

yes and no, it gives me the ne UI, but states it’s the old version O_0

Interesting, What version does it show as?


it shows 0.198.2, but with new ui.

Hey @Kool_Baudrillard,

That sounds right, 198.2 has a lot of the new UI in it, When you make a new workflow in the desktop app what does the empty workflow look like?

hey, look at the posted screenshot. Left browser right desktop app.

Hey @Kool_Baudrillard,

I didn’t notice the right was the desktop app, I wonder what is going on there.

I wondered too :slight_smile: