Running with Kubernetes

I’m interested in running n8n using kubernetes for a small internal project. I had noticed in another post on this forum people have done so already. How can this be setup and is there anything already in place to get try to run this with k8?

Sorry, have sadly currently no ready k8s setup. I have also do not have that much experience with k8s. So hope somebody else who is already running n8n on k8s can post something. If not, I will try to create an example “soonish”.

I use n8n on Kubernetes.
You can use n8n by deploying the following manifest.

Access NodePort to use n8n.
Note that in this configuration, data saved with n8n is not persisted.


Thank you very much @tar-xzvff and welcome to the community!

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Thank you!! What are the commands to run this locally?

It should actually not matter if you run it locally or on a server, should always be the default k8s command which is mentioned in the above gist: kubectl apply -f n8n.yml (if you saved the content of the gist as “n8n.yml” and you are executing it in the folder it is saved in).

Also, be aware that it is only for testing. The above file does not persist the data in any way. So the data will be lost if you stop the pod.

Hi @jan ,

at first thanks for this amazing and free alternative for zapier. It helps me save time by sending attachments from my printer to gdrive.

I run my n8n instance in a k8s cluster since today. I’ve saw you have some docker-compose examples in you github repo but nothing for k8s. Are you interested in a pull request with an k8s setup example?

If yes, i could prepare a pull request to give back something to the community.

Regards from Berlin,

Really great to hear that n8n is helpful for you!

Yes a pull-request with a k8s setup would be great and for sure helpful for many people. Thanks a lot!

Greetings from Mexico but from Wednesday also again back in Berlin.

Nice, any update for it?