Saving Favourite Nodes for Later Reuse

First off, thank you so much for this software! I use it daily at work and it’s saved me so much time and made automating my job away a bunch of fun.

The idea is:

I would love to be able to save nodes that I’ve already created for later use, especially previously created HTTP Request nodes that already have the same/similar endpoint but need minor tweaks. The saved node would contain all the saved info as if copied and pasted into a new workflow. It could sit above the Suggested Nodes section when adding new nodes.

My use case:

I’m using the Asana API quite heavily and have been doing it mainly with the HTTP Request node to access deeper functionality of the API, each time when building new workflows I open my old workflows, search for where I used the Request Node then copy it and paste it into what I’m working on.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Save time hunting for previously created stuff but also saving your constantly used nodes for quick accessibility.

Are you willing to work on this?

I’m not quite that advanced yet but if somebody pointed me in the right direction I could begin to try look at it.

This sounds similar to Custom Template Nodes - #7 by Helithumper
You might want to add your idea and vote there.

You might also want to keep an eye on the roadmap that @Nivb_6 posted, there is an interesting idea about adding custom http requests to existing nodes. Not sure how far off that is though!

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@pemontto the “use app node creds in http request node” feature is currently being tested, and tweaks is being polished as we speak. So I expect it’ll be out relatively soon :raised_hands: