Schedule Workflow to run based on a Timestamp on a Google Sheet Cell

Hi all,

Is there a way to schedule a Trigger from a date on a Google Sheet cell?

e.g Google Sheet read cell > Set > Schedule Trigger

Any way this is possible?

Hey @KevinK,

Best I can think of would be to use a Wait node to make the workflow wait until a certain date to then continue running.

Hi @Jon ,

Splendid idea!
I’ve actually managed to set up. Bit unorthodox of a method but I got it to do what I wanted nonetheless (that’s what I love about N8N!)

Goal : Schedule Workflow to run based on a timestamp on a Google Sheet Cell (Ps :MUST be in ISO Format e.g 2023-01-12T08:44:00.000Z)

Method : Schedule Trigger (Run Every 60 Seconds) > Google Sheets (Read Row - which contains ‘Date & Time ISO Format’ column) > Set Node (Map '‘Date & Time ISO Format’) > Date & Time Node (Action : Calculate Date - - Subtract/Add from Timezone; In my case since my workflows runs in GMT+3 I had to SUBTRACT 3 hours) > Set Node (Map '‘Date & Time ISO Format’) > Wait Node (Resume : At Given Time - - Date & Time; Add date as “Expression”) > Whichever Node is scheduled to Execute!

I’m pretty sure there’s a better way to do it, but this is what I was able to cook up for anyone who might need it :slight_smile:

Thanks again @Jon !

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